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If you learn the art of public speaking, and become one of the people in your company who speaks at conferences, then you’ll find that you have a great excuse not to network. Networking, which is the main purpose of a conference, is a very different skill, and one that many speakers find challenging. Some may assume that because you have no shame in getting up in front of a room full of people that you will also have great networking skills, but I find the opposite is true. When you give a talk, you’re focusing on your words and delivery. When you network, you’re focusing on the other person, and reacting to their internal state.

If you’re an introvert, you’ll find that public speaking gives you energy—you’re buzzing after giving a talk. But later in the day, after meeting and speaking to lots of people at the conference, you find yourself exhausted. For introverts the opposite is often true, and they end up with more energy from all of their interactions with people.

As an introvert I find you have to ration your networking to get the most out of it. Trying to network before your talk is a bad idea—you need to put your brain into a different gear. Leave it till after you have spoken so that you can focus fully on the people in front of you. Thus, try to get your talk scheduled earlier in the day.

For extroverts I would recommend the opposite. Talk in the afternoon, because by then you will have lots of supporters in the audience, and it will help to calm your nerves. Make sure to make eye contact with them when you speak.

Finally, introvert or extrovert, always take time after your talk to speak to anyone who comes up with questions—this is the most valuable networking you can do, and the easiest, since the ice is already broken.


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Speaker Profile

The Art of Active Networking
Mark E Sackett

Are you meeting lots of people? I don’t think you are actually.” Mark E. Sackett chats with the audience in this presentation about networking at conferences and how we typically go about it. He started a networking event called The Art of Active Networking and gives some solid and practical suggestions for meeting people and making real connections at the next conference we attend. Listen closely for the four questions he likes to ask at events. *Note: presentation includes a bit of colourful language.

Learn from the Best

Photo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Luke Treadaway, both dressed as knights King Richard on horseback

Richard III and Richmond rally their troops for battle – The Hollow Crown: Episode 3 – BBC Two

King Richard III and Richmond
Benedict Cumberbatch and Luke Treadaway 

In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s historical plays, these are two great examples of persuasive speech.
At a networking event King Richard III would be like the powerful, ruthless businessman, the type that exudes strength and power. He wants people to want to do business with him because he is strong and powerful.

Richmond, on the other hand, isn’t in business for the power. He wants to find out what it is that you need, and he will provide it. He will even hand your business over to a competitor if it would serve you better. He is the type you will want to do business with, the type that builds loyalty and relationships with his prospective customers, the one you will work with over and over again.

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Book of the Week

Todd Falcone

Create Better Connections, Invite with Ease, Obliterate Objections, Follow Up and Close Like a Pro!
Todd Falcone

Another book that will definitely make your life easier, a handy quick reference guide that covers all of the essentials.

Blog Post

6 Secrets to Better Networking at Conferences
Dave Kerpen

Many business professionals spend time every year attending conferences. I’ve attended and spoken at over 200 conferences in the last fifteen years. And while it’s great to be inspired and to learn at conferences, the most valuable asset of a conference is the people you meet and the relationships you can form and nurture.




Three Conferences



NationJS 2018

NationJS is the Mid-Atlantic’s JavaScript and full web stack conference taking place in Washington D.C. Get ready for a full day of presentations, featuring the best of web development and JavaScript experts from around the world. There’s an after party too, so be sure to stick around for some networking with your JS peers.



Dynamic365 Saturday Perth

This Perth conference is part of a series of events organised by the Microsoft Dynamics Community MVP’s for CRM and ERP professionals, technical consultants and developers. It is also a free event, so If you’re interested in learning and promoting best practices when it comes to customer engagement and strategy, take a look at the agenda. The event starts off with a Bootcamp session, followed by a full-conference day. Maybe you can catch some surf time after the conference too!


GopherCon Iceland

GopherCon is making its European debut and Iceland is proud to present this first edition for three days of talks, workshops, and training. The conference venue, Harpa, has been named in the top 10 best designed buildings in the world by the Architectural Digest magazine. But if you’ve been to Iceland before, you know that is just the tip of the iceberg for the many cool things to see and do while you are there. If the Go language is your thing, then Iceland is calling your name!




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