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Don’t know what a speaker demo video is? Don’t worry, neither did I not so long back. It’s a short (roughly three-minute), professionally-produced video that shows what you as a speaker can do; that is, wowing audiences with your speaking and presenting.

The video should be available to stream on your website so that speaker bookers and conference organizers can instantly get a feel for the kind of speaker you are, how well you hold an audience, and how you look and behave on stage.

As you progress in your speaking career, honing your skills and building a name for yourself, you’re going to need a speaker demo video to land those lucrative big gigs.

We’re not giving you a step-by-step technical guide to producing videos; that information is available elsewhere. What we do aim to give you this week is inspiration and some fantastic examples that show you how powerful and compelling your speaker demo video can be, and how it can help you lift yourself as a speaker to be a cut above the rest.

– Richard

Video testimonials

You can get video testimonials from people who have seen you in the past. You can beg and plead with them…telling them that you need it for your business. Get down on one knee and give them a diamond ring if you have to. Just get those video testimonials.

Speaking Lifestyle

Audience reaction

What event organizers really want is to find out if you’re any good. In other words, they want to see how the audience reacts to you, get a feel for the experience that you create, and decide whether you are a good fit for their group.


Kelly Swanson

Introduce your expertise

Introduce your expertise, testimonials, the books you have authored and your media clips. However, do not make these the bulk of your video. At the most, feature this information for 30 – 60 seconds. Your written marketing materials should spotlight this information. Event planners are viewing your demo video to see your presentation style.


Michael Frick


Get the quality right

The production quality of your video is crucial. It tells the event organizer a lot about you as a speaker.
A cheap-looking video tells the event organizer: “I’m not worth much.” Or it says “I can’t be bothered to do this correctly” and gives the impression that you don’t care. If you look cheap, the organizer probably won’t take you seriously or will just disqualify you immediately.


Esther Snippe

Remember to include the obvious

What is it you want the viewer to do when they are done watching your demo video? Click on a link to receive a quote? Call you to schedule an interview? Email you for more information? You would be surprised by how many people never make their “dying wish” known at the end of their demo videos. Make sure you let your viewers know what the next step is.


Whitney Hahn




Voxgig Podcast

Coming Soon… 

I am delighted to announce that  voxgig is starting a podcast series! The title of the series is ‘Fireside with voxgig’. In each podcast, I’ll be interviewing leading experts from the events industry.  The aim is to deliver high quality insights, valuable public speaking tips and enjoyable personal success stories, all in a relaxed, informal and chatty style. Keep an eye out here for the first podcast in the series, coming soon. 

Speaker Profile

Image of Chris West, standing before presentation screen with diagram explaining how to construct the video demo

How to create a powerful speaker demo reel
Chris West

“Your target audience is the character and their problem; their central issue is what you need to focus on. And you are the guide. That’s where you come in. That’s where your demo reel begins to function.” Chris West gives insight using the Speaker Story Model to show the elements that go into creating an effective speaker demo reel. It’s not just about creating a compilation of your speaking gigs, but about showing that you are the solution to their needs.

Learn from the Best

Michael Hyatt, wearing a suit, arms extended in open jesture emphasising greatness during a talk,

Michael Hyatt Speaking Demo Reel

Michael Hyatt

To a panel booking a speaker, this video would make it really easy to determine exactly what they are going to get.  Michael not only shows the audience reaction, he is telling the organizers that he is flexible and can deliver exactly what they want.

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Book of the Week

dark book cover with silver rays highlighting Todd in the background

Create a Superstar Demo Reel

Todd Newton

This is a great all-rounder book on how to best present yourself to an audience. This alone makes this book worth it even before you get down to the making of the video.

Blog Post

Making a Motivational Speaker Showreel
Andrew Bryant

“Making a speaker showreel is an art as much as a science, and you are unlikely to be happy with your first, or twenty-first attempt; but let me share some things to consider, to shorten your learning curve.”




Three Conferences




PyOhio is now in its 11th year! So if you’re interested in Python in and around Ohio or the Midwestern United States (but anyone from around the world is welcome really), you might want to take a look at this free conference. Talks, evening sprints, and receptions are waiting!


GopherCon UK

GopherCon UK

The Golang UK Conference has a new name and a fantastic location! GopherCon UK will take place over three days with speakers from around the world discussing Go programming. Over 400 attendees will converge in the heart of London for up-to-date content and countless networking opportunities you won’t want to miss. If Go is your thing, there’s something for you!


Write/Speak/Code 2018

Write/Speak/Code 2018

Attention women & non-binary coders! Join this two-track conference for four days of intensive hands-on workshops, personalized feedback sessions, panels, and talks designed to help “polish your skills and own your expertise through writing, speaking, and open source.” Each conference day is themed, setting the tone for the agenda and providing a foundation to build on for the next. It’s all about community, support, and encouragement!




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Speaker Training

Do you speak at conferences? Want to learn how to give the very best talks? Or are you just starting out and want to overcome the fear of speaking on stage?
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