Inspirefest, 2019, My advice, Stay away

My advice for Inspirefest 2019, stay away unless it suits you to attend every year because after attending once you’ll be going back year after year.

Inspirefest popped up on my work twitter feed one day as one of our followers were going to be speaking at the event.  I had to check it out, as a digital marketing coordinator it’s my job to know what’s going on with our followers in order to be able to build relationships.

A quick read to see what it was all about, who was going to be speaking and the topics they would be talking about and that was it, I was done for,  I was hooked. It was “inspirational” I needed a ticket. I have a disability and work part time so tickets were out of my price range. I filled out the  volunteer application form and heard nothing back, then decided to stick my neck out and speak to my boss. I was surprised at how well that worked, he not only paid for my ticket, we now have a policy within the company that facilitates conference attendance.  I work with an amazing forward thinking, progressive, inclusive company voxgig and Inspirefest is a fantastic fit for our own internal culture.

Closer to the date I was accepted as a volunteer and decided I would learn more about the conference (my first one ever) by attending as a volunteer so I willingly gave up my ticket to advertise our new eventprofsdub meeting in Dublin.

I had a very busy two days at inspirefest between volunteering and working on our company newsletter.  I didn’t get to attend very many talks, but being in an open inclusive environment facilitated some wonderful private conversations with some of the most humble encouraging people I have ever met.  There was no shortage of people to tell their stories and we all have a story, we just need to fish a little bit. There is no one out there living life without building a repertoire of stories.

I had a lot of first time experiences at Inspirefest, first time volunteering at an event, first time pitching my ideas for the honest eats mini hack, first time telling my own story without being afraid of being judged.  Actually I was judged but it was a positive thing. Attending an event like this changes your whole perspective.

For two days I was surrounded by people that didn’t see shortcomings.  I was among people that only saw the strength, determination and courage it takes to rebuild your life.  These are my kind of people, people that are loving life, living their dreams and sharing those dreams generously  and selflessly.

These are the people that remind you that you are the only version of you out there, and that your imperfections are what makes you perfect.  We all have challenges, emotional, physical, neurological, but how we deal with those challenges, how we accept those challenges in others and how we overcome them in our own lives is what defines us.  Our worth is not our monetary value, it is our contribution to the world we create around us.

I came away from Inspirefest realising that we need to be listening to each others stories and embracing our lives however that life presents itself.  I love the life I live, I work enough to pay my bills and love enough to give my spare time whenever it’s available, wherever it’s needed.

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Cora Kearney is a Marketing Executive at voxgig.

You can find Cora on LinkedIn , Twitter and Medium.