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This week we celebrate young people that are speaking out, and sharing their dreams and achievements. I love this type of newsletter, it leaves me feeling secure that our future is in good hands.


Image of Adora Svitak on stage giving her TED tallk

What adults can learn from kids

Adora Svitak

An extraordinary talk by a phenomenal young woman who will most certainly blow you away. This 2010 TED Talk has received over 4 million views to date and it’s one of the many presentations Adora has given around the world. Her message is immensely powerful: learning must be a reciprocal process in which everyone, regardless of their age, can be a teacher as much as a learner.

Memory Banda, on Stage wearing a yellow and white lace dress. The brightenss of the dress contrasts with the serious message

A warrior’s cry against child marriage

Memory Banda

Is it childish to dream of changing the world? Not for this young lady. Inspired by a friend’s poem and upset by her sister’s pregnancy at age 11, Memory has championed a successful national campaign that culminated in the outlaw of child marriage in Malawi, her homeland. A powerful talk by a courageous lady.

Anushka on Stage delivering her talk

A teen scientist’s invention that helps wounds heal

Anushka Naiknaware

This young scientist became the youngest winner of the Google science fair in 2016, when she created her “smart bandage” being only 13 years old. Her clever invention addresses the global challenge of chronic wounds, which don’t heal properly due to preexisting conditions such as diabetes.

Sarah Joyce on Stage

How to start a quiet revolution

Sarah Joyce

Sarah is an advocate for diverse thinking. After studying music and science simultaneously, she is convinced that the two spheres of STEM and the Arts, usually viewed as separate and self-contained, are intrinsically interconnected. In her talk she discusses the maths in music, the poetry in physics, and how each of us has the power to change the world through single acts of quiet revolution.

Kedar Narayan a little 6 year old boy that only wants to change the world

Create Games to Solve Problems

Kedar Narayan

This young man is changing the world one codeblock at a time, teaching blind children and homeless people to code.  I love his enthusiasm and energy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people approached life with such passion?

Voxgig Podcast

Coming Soon… 

I am delighted to announce that  voxgig is starting a podcast series! The title of the series is ‘Fireside with voxgig’. In each podcast, I’ll be interviewing leading experts from the events industry.  The aim is to deliver high quality insights, valuable public speaking tips and enjoyable personal success stories, all in a relaxed, informal and chatty style. Keep an eye out here for the first podcast in the series, coming soon. 

Speaker Profile

Taylor Richardson on stage wearing an astronaut suit

Taylor Richardsons speaks at Inspirefest 2018

Taylor Richardson

Who wants to go to Space Camp? Who doesn’t? Taylor Richardson tells the Inspirefest18 audience the story of how she overcame challenges and obstacles to make her dreams of Space Camp come true. At the age of 14, she is an advocate, activist, philanthropist, and a speaker with aspirations of becoming a scientist, engineer and an astronaut. Keep an eye on Taylor as she pushes forward to accomplish great things!

Learn from the Best

Maybe 40 children sitting on the floor in two circles

Oracy in the Classroom: Strategies for Effective Talk

School 21 is a pioneering school in Stratford, East London, for children from all backgrounds. Their conviction is that schools need to rebalance head (academic success), heart (character and well-being) and hand (generating ideas, problem solving, making a difference). To do so, they have developed a series of pedagogies and approaches that give students the chance to find their voice and create work that has real value beyond the classroom. One of these approaches is Oracy in the Classroom, an initiative that helps students become more confident when articulating their thoughts, and learn with strategies like discussion guidelines, discussion roles, and structured talk tasks. A brilliant idea indeed!

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Book of the Week

Book Cover with Ruby Lee on the front clutching her essay with an expression of fear on her face and a white circle behind her like a spotlight

Ruby Lee and the very big deal
Nancy Buffington

It’s never too early to encourage children to develop a healthy relationship with public speaking. Here’s a great story that provides the tools to speak with confidence in a child friendly read.

Blog Post

7 Ways To Teach Public Speaking To Kids

Ryan McClean

So many children grow up in this massive fear of public speaking. They don’t want to get up in front of a crowd because they are scared of speaking in public. In this article I am going to discuss 7 ways you can teach public speaking to kids.




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A conference. In a pub. In London. What’s not to love? The program is aimed at functional programmers of all levels of experience. If you write functional programs (or want to) in Clojure, Elm, Erlang, F#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, PureScript, Scala, Scheme or any other language, you should make your way to this pub conference. Be sure to stay for the pub quiz too!




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