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What a relevant topic we’ve got for you this week. Burnout can happen to anyone, in any walk of life. I’ve suffered from it myself on occasion. I got through it with the help of family and the sheer necessity to make a living. If it happened again, I would make sure to seek help more widely from others. Something I struggle with is getting enough sleep, so Brendon Burchard’s statement in his presentation below, “The less sleep you get, the more of a jerk you become”, resonates with me! Maybe some of you can relate; lying down to sleep can feel like you’re throwing in the towel on a day, right? Watch Brendon’s video; it’ll give you some new perspective.

Another thing that struck me is in this week’s blog post, ‘How Speakers Can Prevent Burnout’. Author Dr. Nick Morgan advises speakers “Don’t take the whole speaking thing too seriously”. The more I thought about it, the more I saw the wisdom in what he says. Public speaking can be an ego trip; you’re up there speaking and, all going well, everyone else has to sit quietly and listen. But all this attention can make you forget that at the end of the day, it’s just a job. As Morgan tells us, “move on to things that really matter”.

– Richard

Reevaluate priorities

“Burnout is an undeniable sign that something important in your life is not working. Take time to think about your hopes, goals, and dreams. Are you neglecting something that is truly important to you? This can be an opportunity to rediscover what really makes you happy, to slow down and give yourself time to rest, reflect and heal.

Set boundaries. Don’t overextend yourself. Learn how to say “no” to requests on your time. If you find this difficult, remind yourself that saying “no” allows you to say “yes” to the things that you truly want to do.”



See the funny side of life

“See the funny side of life – allow yourself to laugh and enjoy life without being serious all the time. Laughter helps ease stress and bring mountains back down to molehills where they belong. Learn to see humor in difficult situations. A good, hearty laugh is the best stress releaser of all. Give yourself and the people you work with a “laugh-a-day”. Put a “humor board” in your office. Have a designated bulletin board where anyone can post cartoons, jokes or even funny pictures. This gives everyone a chance to ease anxieties.”


Michael Stahl

Establish downtime

“…When we’re constantly bombarded with things that make our body activate its stress-response system, things often go haywire…Persistently high levels of cortisol interfere with normal body functions, such as sleep, digestion and the immune system.”


Dr. Shimi Kang




Voxgig Podcast

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I am delighted to announce that  voxgig is starting a podcast series! The title of the series is ‘Fireside with voxgig’. In each podcast, I’ll be interviewing leading experts from the events industry.  The aim is to deliver high quality insights, valuable public speaking tips and enjoyable personal success stories, all in a relaxed, informal and chatty style. Keep an eye out here for the first podcast in the series, coming soon. 

Speaker Profile

The Burnout Gamble
Hamza Khan

Are you an overachiever? Hamza Khan is and in fact, identifies as a recovering overachiever. “I had flirted with burnout at almost every professional milestone in my career.” He talks about the experiences that led to the discovery of the book 12 Stages of Burnout that helped him evaluate his life. So what is burnout and what steps can you take to prevent it? Take a listen while Hamza discusses key points that every speaker can benefit from.

Learn from the Best

How to Avoid Burnout
Brendon Burchard

Are you “drowning in the digital stream of distraction”? Brendon Burchard, author of High Performance Habits, a New York Times bestseller, offers advice on looking after yourself.

Here are four tips to help you avoid speaker burnout and look after your overall health. And they will be of benefit to more than speakers only; Burchard’s sound advice applies in all areas of life.

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Blog Post

How Speakers Can Prevent Burnout

Dr. Nick Morgan

“For professional speakers, achieving your dreams of finding your audiences and getting to speak to them around the world means a large part of the time you’re going to be living out of a suitcase, on the road. With that, comes burnout. And yet, it’s a hard thing to admit to, since this is the life you dreamed of, right?”

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Conference Highlights

Stage shot from Web Summit 2017

Web Summit 

In November 2018, Cora our content curator, is off to Web Summit, this will be her first trip to Web Summit and her first time volunteering at such a large conference, if last year is anything to go by, this year will be brilliant.  Enjoy last year’s highlight video!

Three Conferences

LinuxConf [ZA] 2018
JohannesburgSouth Africa
Mon 8 Oct 2018 to Mon 8 Oct 2018
Birchwood Hotel & Conference Center
Standard ticket: R590

The Linux and open source communities converge on Johannesburg to cover topics such as Linux Kernel, containers and development environments. If you have a passion for all things Linux and South Africa is on your bucket list, this just might be the place for you. LinuxConf [ZA] also takes place the same week as PostgresConf, the PostgreSQL database conference, and PyConZA, the Python programming conference.

Astricon 2018
Orlando, FloridaUSA
Tue 9 Oct 2018 to Thu 11 Oct 2018
Omni Orlando
Standard ticket: $799

Happy 15th birthday Astricon! This year marks a milestone in Orlando, as AstriCon enjoys the distinction as the longest-running conference devoted to Asterisk. Join attendees in learning about the impact of Asterisk in the communications industry. Orlando is packed full of fun activities, so be sure to plan a bit of time before or after the conference to see the sights.

PolarConf 2018
Wed 10 Oct 2018 to Thu 11 Oct 2018
Hotel Kämp
Standard ticket: 399

Finland’s most populous urban area will play host to “The Most Northern Azure Conference for IT Professionals.” PolarConf will bring a world-class speaker lineup to Helsinki for two days of all things Azure, from case studies to solutions. Explore the city and surrounding areas after the conference to discover why quality of life here is amongst the best in the world.




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