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Much as I enjoy and benefit from the practical themes that this newsletter often deals with, I truly love the inspirational, perspective-changing ones. This week we’re looking at the topic of how public speakers can be authentic. I had a sharp intake of breath when I first thought about this. It’s so big, it seems so vague – how can we write usefully about it?

Nick Morgan’s blog post below, ‘How to Become an Authentic Speaker’, is a wonderful, comprehensive introduction to speaker authenticity. Despite its apparent contradiction, Nick explains with incredible clarity his message that authenticity has to be prepared to come across successfully on stage. He also presents some up-to-date research on how we as humans react to body language. It may surprise you – it did me.

I urge you set aside time to watch all of Caroline McHugh’s TEDx talk, ‘The Art of Being Yourself’. Caroline talks about ego, humility, and how to make the best use of the time we have left on this earth. If this sounds a bit serious and weighty, it doesn’t come across that way; Caroline is a witty, polished, and above all entertaining speaker with a message that can’t fail to touch you.

As a developer and a speaker, I love Owen McGirr’s impassioned talk on an app – called SayIt – that he has developed to help people with disabilities to communicate. Owen’s talk also beautifully demonstrates a characteristic that I personally value highly in all communication: brevity. In just over a minute and a half, he completely convinces the viewer of the value of his app and the genius of its predictive word feature.

Hope you’re inspired by this issue as much as I am.

 – Richard




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Speaker Profile

Caroline Mc Hugh on stage screen at Tedx

The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh | TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen

Caroline McHugh

There are hundreds of tutorials online (trust me, I know) about how to come across as authentic during a speech, how to move on stage, and how to convince people you’re an authority on a subject. Caroline McHugh has nailed it, and it makes perfect sense: the key to being authentic is to be yourself. It’s what you’re brilliant at.

Learn from the Best

Photo of Owen Mc Girr

What is SayIt!? – the developer explains

Owen McGirr

Being an authentic speaker is a difficult challenge, but have you ever considered the challenge for someone who is non-verbal?  As this video shows, Owen McGirr is an inspirational speaker. He also has cerebral palsy.

When we are presented with speech that challenges us in terms of fluidity, tone and body language, our own perspective changes. In this case, we look not at how Owen speaks but why. We look at the motivation behind what he’s doing, and we adapt and connect with his message. Owen’s talk fulfils all of Nick Morgan’s four ‘intents’ (see blog post) and thus creates a powerful connection with us, the audience.

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Blog Post

“Authenticity—including the ability to communicate authentically with others—has become an important leadership attribute. When leaders have it, they can inspire their followers to make extraordinary efforts on behalf of their organizations.”


Nick Morgan

Harvard Biz Review

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