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Having to do a last-minute talk or presentation is always daunting, no matter how much experience you have.

Believe it or not, there are advantages to being short on preparation time. For one thing, you are forced to focus and pare things down to the essentials. This will very likely enhance the quality of your talk; you simply don’t have time for ‘padding’ or wandering off-topic. Also, the time pressure will get your fight-or-flight response going. This will give your performance and mental acuity a temporary boost.

On the pragmatic side, I’ve learned that when time is short, you need to focus on just a single message. Identify the one thing in your talk that you want your audience to remember, and make it all about that one message. Reduce the number of slides you use, or even eliminate them altogether. Use the time you save on slides for preparing and rehearsing your talk.

And whatever you do, remember to tell a story! Audiences love stories. The less time you have to prepare, the more important it is to use stories. They lend structure and focus to your talk, and they have the added benefit of being easier for you to remember, a godsend when time is short.

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I am delighted to announce that  voxgig is starting a podcast series! The title of the series is ‘Fireside with voxgig’. In each podcast, I’ll be interviewing leading experts from the events industry.  The aim is to deliver high quality insights, valuable public speaking tips and enjoyable personal success stories, all in a relaxed, informal and chatty style. Keep an eye out here for the first podcast in the series, coming soon. 

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image of tim Urban on stage with doodle drawings on the screen behind him

Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

Tim Urban

Sometimes, you will be invited at the last minute to give a presentation. Sometimes, you will have to do a last-minute presentation thanks to the procrastination monkey. I love Tim’s procrastination explanation video. It will help you understand why you sometimes leave presentation preparation until the last minute.  Enjoy!

Learn from the Best

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How To Give a Killer Presentation – With No Notes

Charisma on Command

Here we have some very practical tips on giving a presentation or speech without notes. A last-minute presentation will sometimes mean you don’t have time to do a PowerPoint. These tips will get you through (tips taken from the video):

  • Draft a memory-friendly outline.

  • Write out the entire speech to nail the details, then edit it.

  • Subvocalize the entire speech without referencing visual cues.

  • Memorize, word for word, the first and last sentences.

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This is your ‘back up against the wall’ advice. With very little time to prepare, you can still do it.  You can deliver your presentation and rock it!


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