Selecting what to wear and pack for talks can take up a surprisingly large amount of a public speaker’s time. I sometimes think that if I had back the time I’ve spent packing over the years, I could have given a lot more talks! Happily, clothing and packing are highly practical matters and as such, you can use a systematic approach.

As you’ll see in her video below, Allison Shapira puts comfort and appropriateness at the top of her list of clothing criteria. In his blog post, Nick Morgan gives a very useful piece of advice: have three outfits ready to go, for different scenarios. Every speaker has their own tricks. One part of my personal ‘system’ is to have a toilet bag always ready to go, so I don’t waste time re-packing toiletries. Another is to use a simple shirt-folding device—I find it indispensable!

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Why do introverts make great public speakers?

Karl Hyden, a mental toughness coach for the professional introvert and self-touted Texan from Western Ireland, explains why. He has mastered the art of overcoming the personality barriers that can keep us from the success he believes we all deserve.  Listen here

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How to dress
Allison Shapira

Excellent advice from a recognized expert in the field of public speaking and author of Speak with impact: How to command the room and influence others.

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Blog post

What should a speaker wear – 2018 update

Dr. Nick Morgan

In this blog, Morgan breaks down his advice under the following headings:

  • Start with you.

  • Think about your audience.

  • Dress in something that allows for stage movement.

  • Dress to set yourself apart.

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