At this time of year people often say “I can hardly believe its Christmas / the end of another year already!” I’m no exception – I’m finding it hard to believe that voxgig has just about reached the end of its first full year in business! Huge thanks and credit are due to everyone in the company who helped us get this far. I deeply appreciate the work and effort that everyone puts in. I’m also so proud that we’re managing to make a remote-working company really work.
To you, our subscribers and readers, may I wish you the very best for the holiday season, and much goodness and prosperity in 2019.
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Voxgig podcast

Vicky Lee is a self-described ‘Pythonista’. She describes how she fell into the diversity-driven sphere of tech and tells us about her first venture into organizing meetups—which, surprisingly, stemmed from her Irish-born Chinese forum and the difficulties she encountered with her first tech event, Python Ireland.
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12 Public Speaking Tips For Christmas – Great Speech Writing
Lawrence Bernstein

We are breaking up for the holidays and while we wanted to keep everything light you can’t beat a few good tips.
12 tips of good value, even better!

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Ten Top Tips For Your Speech to the Office Party
Gavin McMahonThe presentation guru is always an excellent resource for speakers and while these tips may have been put together for the office party, they are good tips for any time of the year. And we just love the illustrations. Enjoy the holidays.

Upcoming CFP deadlines

Ignite Black Tech Conference – iBTechCon2019 Feb 16-17, Closing January 06

Global FinTech ConferenceNew Delhi – February 23, 2019, Closing February 1

ServerlessDays Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March 29, 2019, Closing January 13




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