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In this issue, we’re taking a look at how perseverance and determination can play a crucial role in speakers’ careers and lives.
Our Learn from the best section features Pat Caslin, who speaks about how illness and disability have led him to take a new, empowered perspective on life.
One of the stories from our podcast guest, Andreea Wade, is about how she persisted in her drive to become a speaker despite an early, negative experience.
In our featured blog post, Cory House writes about how he overcame debilitating social anxiety to become a public speaker, with the help of the motto, “Don’t sit around waiting to be picked. Pick yourself.”
I hope you get as much inspiration from these stories as I did.




Voxgig podcast

Andreea Wade is the founder and CEO of opening.io. Andreea is a rare combination: an event organizer and public speaker. She chats to Richard about how these two roles can clash at times. She also relates how she had a panic attack during her first public speaking experience and discusses the variety of events she curates. Have a listen.

Learn from the best

Chronically ill, very healthy
Pat Caslin, TEDx Dún Laoghaire

Eleven years ago, Pat Caslin was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting progressive multiple sclerosis. After losing his ability to walk, Pat had to make some major adjustments, like giving up golf and cycling, and starting to use a wheelchair.
Pat has replaced the things he’s lost with curiosity about himself and people, and how we think about and see the world. He tells us how this has given him a healthier, more grounded perspective on life.

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Blog post

Public speaking transformed my life…and can change yours too

Cory House

“Five years ago, I had never spoken at a conference. Actually, I’d never spoken to a group of any size, period. Like most humans, I found the prospect of speaking to a crowd terrifying…” Read on.



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